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Avon Care Homes Charities

Avon Care Homes has worked very closely with Dorothy house for over 20 Years. They provide outstanding palliative and end of life care across Wiltshire, Somerset, Bath and North East Somerset.

We also work with Macmillan cancer support. Macmillan support people with cancer, physically, emotionally and financially.

Avon Care Homes is committed to helping the communities raise money for charities that are worthwhile. We organise social events in our care homes and the funds that we raise are donated to the specific Charities.

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charity gifts

dorothy house hospice caremacmillan cancer support

dementia fundraising

Our Clinical lead Luminita and Care Manager Laura, supporting Dementia UK fundraising.

Macmillan coffee morning

Macmillan coffee morning

Macmillan coffee morning

At The Wells Nursing Home a Macmillan coffee morning took place and it was hugely successful. We are thrilled that substantial funds were raised.